Maximilian Groh

Trilingual Business Leader (German, Russian, English) with 15+ years’ demonstrated success increasing market share and earnings, reducing costs, and improving client satisfaction in Europe, Russia, Middle East & Africa.

My years of experience in the business sector have taught me some extremely crucial lessons. Perhaps the most important is that companies need to be flexible. Flexibility in the corporate world is not just an abstract concept, but rather a necessary reality. To this end, I myself have experienced and worked in just about every aspect of the business world there is. Beginning with my tenure as a sales manager in the consumer industry, I came to understand all facets of the company, from finances, to budget planning, to recruiting on the human resource end of things; I learned the true value of being flexible.

I’ve spent a great deal of time internationally in sales, marketing management as well as procurement / category management. However, the one area with which I have extensive experience and thus, within which I am deeply invested, is the role of the business leader. Having worked as a director for both retail and e-commerce companies, I came to familiarize myself with the structures that were vital to a business’s livelihood. The thing about these structures however is that they are ever changing. The old adage about the only constant being change, particularly rings true in the corporate world. Problem solving, negotiating, realigning, researching and innovating are at the core of management’s role. I learned this time and time again. I strive to impart this wisdom to every company and executive with whom I consult.

From 2016 to 2020 I researched on e-commerce strategies, category management, marketing and wrote a PhD dissertation. Research study addresses the gap which exists in e-commerce business portfolio literature by evaluating the effectiveness of product policies employed by e-commerce companies. The analysis identifies the theoretical institutions that define e-commerce companies and how firms can maximise profits with selected factors that reduce their transaction costs.

Industry specialisation:

- Consumer goods (FMCG, Non-FMCG)
- Luxury goods
- E-commerce
- Automotive

Professional specialisation:

- Empowering Employees
- Executive Leadership
- General Management
- Procurement & Category Management
- Luxury & Premium Goods Brand Management
- Retail roll out
- Conversion from Wholesale to Retail
- Long term price negotiation & contract agreements
- Building and Sustaining Relationships
- Customer Loyalty
- Process optimization and improvement
- Project Management


  1. Being Strategic: Strategies-specific Project Management In Times Of Crisis, ISBN-13: 1978-1530885657
  2. Strategic Management In Times of Crisis, DOI: 10.3844/ajebasp.2014.49.57
  3. Groh, M. and Simões, C. (2020). “Comparing Product Policy’s Effectiveness for E-commerce Companies”. Proceedings of the 2019 Academy of Marketing Science (AMS) Annual Conference. DOI: 110.1007/978-3-030-39165-2



Senior Sales Director EMEA

Константин Жигульский, Управленческий консалтинг (100k-pro.ru)

Maximilian is a true leader who motivates his team through scintillating creativity, sharp strategic thought and raw talent. He pushes boundaries and challenges people to reconsider traditional use of leadership. Always at the forefront of the luxury trends, Maximilian's innovative approach to platforms and projects was a personal source of admiration. Not only does he lead with creative thought, he inspires through flawless execution. Maximilian always approaches a problem with how can I make this weakness into a strength and his rapid career progression and experience represent a man who knows how to make a lasting and meaningful impact. Maximilian always inspires people around him to be better every day. It is with ease that I recommend Maximilian for any position as he remains an inspiration.

Igor Tarasenko, Chief Digital Officer (CDO) at SEPHORA

While working with Maximilian at SOKOLOV I was impressed with his detailed attitude to business as to global strategy planning and operations including those who need quick and smart decisions. Max represents a top level for business leading and careful team management.
Sales Manager

Gary Rogers, Retail Regional Manager at Barratt Homes

I know Max through our time together at Apple. From the moment I met him, I was impressed with his positive attitude, his creativity and his drive for solutions.
Max is natural leader who is not afraid to try different approaches to get the results required. His adaptability, as well as his analytical style, enables him to produce consistent results in all areas.
Aligned with these traits, Max’s people focus is at the centre of all his work; whether that be developing his own teams or delivering great customer satisfaction at every opportunity.
I would highly recommend Max for any role, particularly in Sales, Operations, Business Development and Retail Leadership.

Uwe Best, Manager at Apple

Max is a gifted leader who draws his strength and effectiveness from excellent communication skills in different languages and an aura of unquestioned integrity. Whether interacting one-on-one or in front of a large group, and no matter the audience, Max projects a sense of excitement, inclusion and straight talk that inspires his people to rise to the occasion time and again without fail. He leads by example and is a model for leaders that practice Servant Leadership. He is inspiring, intelligent, humorous, grounded and able to focus on the big picture in times of uncertainty. Max is one of the most outstanding leaders I have ever worked with. Max is also skilled at mobilizing his team to identify and take ownership of significant objectives that will drive the business forward, producing a results-driven environment of entrepreneurship and accountability. During the time I worked directly with Max I saw him take immediate control of one of the most challenging retail markets in München. Max is very passionate about his work and quickly gains respect at all levels. He made a point to take the time to make personal connections. I feel privileged to have had the opportunity to learn from him.
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